European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations

Grant preparation

Following the positive evaluation of a project proposal, the coordinator will receive a letter of invitation by the European Commission announcing the official start of the Grant Agreement preparation phase. The letter of invitation provides details on the evaluation results and the ethics screening, where applicable. In case the project proposal was subject to an ethic assessment the ethic report including any additional conditions will also be part of the invitation letter.

The invitation letter provides information on key data concerning the particular project: maximum grant, project duration and suggestions regarding changes of substance based on the evaluation results. Additionally, it includes information on central contacts at the European Commission (Project Officer, Financial Officer) with contact details as well as the closing dates for submitting the required documents and the target date for closing the contract.

In the Grant Agreement preparation phase, scientific-technical project details will be defined and missing financial and legal information on the project participants, necessary for preparing the grant agreement and for conducting the project, will be gathered. In case specific ethics requirements have been identified these will be incorporated in the Grant Agreement, too. The European Commission also verifies the financial capacity of the coordinator when the requested EU funding for the action is equal or superior to EUR 500,000. Public bodies as well as higher or secondary education establishments are exempted from this financial capability check.

When all required data has been transferred to the European Commission the grant agreement will be carried out and sent to the project coordinator for signing. The other project partners accede to the Grant Agreement by signature. The Grant Agreement preparation process will generally be conducted electronically via the Participant Portal and is supposed to be concluded within three months.