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Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal

The Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal is a platform for all interaction between Horizon 2020 participants and the European Commission as well as the relevant Executive Agencies. All steps of Horizon 2020 projects are managed via the this portal: information on calls for proposals, proposal submission and the signature of the Grant Agreement, project reporting and amendements of the Grant Agreement. All legal documents, Work Programmes and guidelines are available on the portal.

The electronic "Horizon 2020 Online Manual" contains all essential information for applicants, participants and experts.

Organisations participating in Horizon 2020 for the first time have to register in the Unique Registration Facility (URF) and will receive a Participant Identification Code (PIC), which is vaild for all Horizon 2020 projects of an organisation. Organisations already having a PIC can find it via a search function.

Apart from a number of services available to the general public such as information on calls for proposals or Work Programmes, participants need an ECAS account (European Commission’s Authentication Service) in order to access the Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal. Individuals register in ECAS via their email addresses and use this email address for login. Within the portal, participants can assume different functions (roles) and will be awarded the respective rights.

Horizon 2020 projects are managed in electronic form only. Only the role of LEAR has to be requested via mail. No new procedures for the electronic signature need to be established but the person authorized for signature by the LEAR (FSIGN for the Financial Statement and LSIGN for the Grant Agreement and amendments if necessary) sign "on the push of a button". The signed electronic document will be classified as original by an electronic seal.