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European Fellowships (EF)

The European Fellowships (EF) support experienced researchers in further developing their career by financing a research project at a host institution in an EU Member State (MS) or Associated Country (AC).

The research project should be aimed at the diversification of the researcher's competences in terms of skill acquisition at a multi- or interdisciplinary level. The topic of the project can be chosen freely by the researcher.

Proposals are submitted to either one of eight scientific evaluation panels or one of three seperate multidisciplinary evaluation panels.

For applicants within the eight scientific panels, which cover different scientific disciplines, the regular mobility rule of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions applies (see below).

The three separate multidisciplinary panels comprise:

  • Reintegration
  • Career Restart
  • Society and Enterprise

In order for a researcher to be eligible for the Reintegration panel, they must move directly from a third country to Europe. This panel is open for researchers from EU-Member States or Associated Countries as well as for long-term residents (= third country nationals having spent at least five consecutive years in Europe (MS or AC)).

In order for a researcher to be eligible for the Career Restart panel, they must not have been active in research for at least 12 months in the 18 months prior to the deadline, e.g. due to parental leave. 

In order to be eligible for the Society and Enterprise panel, applicants must apply with a host institution from the non-academic sector.

For all three panels researchers may not have lived or worked in the country of their potential host institution for more than three years during the past five years.

Information in brief

Who is qualified: Postdocs or researchers who have at least 4 years of full-time research experience

Mobility rule: Researchers of all nationalities who have not spent more than 12 months during the last three years in the country of their future host organisation

Duration: 1-2 years (exception: Career Restart up to 3 years)

Topic of the project: open for all fields of research

What will be funded: living and mobility allowance, contribution to research costs, management and overheads, if applicable special needs allowance for researchers with disabilities

Host Institution: universities, universities of applied science, research organisations and companies located in a EU Member State or Associated Country

Application: one-step online with specific deadlines