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1. Inclusive Societies

Calls under this area aim at a greater understanding of the societal changes in Europe and their impact on social cohesion. In this respect, the objective is to analyse and develop social, economic and political inclusion and positive inter-cultural dynamics in Europe through cutting-edge interdisciplinary research. The following topics are of special interest: migration, integration, demographic change, the ageing society, education and lifelong learning as well as the reduction of poverty and social exclusion, taking into account the different regional and cultural characteristics.

2. Innovative Societies

The objective of actions under this area is to foster the development of innovative societies and policies in Europe through the engagement of citizens, civil society organisations, enterprises and users in research and innovation. Particular support will be provided for the development of the European Research Area (ERA) and the development of framework conditions for innovation.

3. Reflective Societies – Cultural Heritage and European Identity

This area focuses on an understanding of Europe’s intellectual basis, i.e. its history and the many European and non-European influences, as an inspiration for our lives today. Europe’s social, cultural, economic and political diversity and its opportunities should be recognized and analysed. Among the objects of study will be European collections in (digital) libraries, archives, museums and galleries. Such archival resources are seen as the collective heritage of a European Union and should be made accessible – also through new technologies – in order to learn from the past and look into Europe’s future. Accessibility and preservation of cultural heritage within and across European cultures contributes to sustainable economic growth.

More detailed information on the specific research areas is provided in the Specific Programme.