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Europe in a Changing World – Inclusive, Innovative and Reflective Societies

The central objective of actions under this Societal Challenge is to foster a better understanding of Europe and provide solutions and support for an inclusive, innovative and reflective European society. Europe is confronted with unprecedented transformations and globalisation processes, which result in major socio-economic challenges and significantly affect its common future.

These major challenges include: growing economic and cultural interdependencies, ageing and demographic change, increasing migration flows, a growing digital divide as well as a decreasing trust in democratic institutions and fostering a culture of innovation and creativity in society and enterprises. These complex topics and problems call for a common European approach, based upon shared scientific knowledge and a common research agenda especially within the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH).

For the calls for proposals under this Societal Challenge a budget of EUR 1.258 billion is foreseen (1.7% of the total budget for Horizon 2020).