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Cross-cutting aspects

Research and development in the area "Health, demographic change and wellbeing" are closely linked to the areas "Information and communication technologies", "Nanotechnologie" (esp. "Nanotechnology and advanced materials for more effective healthcare") and "Biotechnologies", funded within the "Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies".

The subjects of "Information and communication technologies", "Nanotechnologies" and "Biotechnology" will be funded as three of the so-called Key Enabling Technologies within Part II of Horizon 2020, Industrial Leadership. The focus will be on innovation: Funded demonstration and pilot projects shall facilitate the market launch and take-up of products and services and support the European industry in this area.

Furthermore there is a link to the area "Safe food and healthy diets and sustainable consumption" (Societal Challenge "Food security, sustainable agriculture, marine and maritime research and bio-economy").

Proposals concerning subjects within this Societal Challenge might also be eligible for funding in the framework of funding lines such such as Future and Emerging Technologies FET Open (bottom-up) or FET Proactive (topic-related), if they involve high-risk, visionary and interdisciplinary topics for the development of future technologies.