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Shift2Rail – JTI Rail


On June 16, 2014, the Council of Mininsters has officially adopted Resolution establishing the "Shift2Rail" Private-Public Partnership. The regulation will become effective in the summer of 2014, so first calls for proposals could be launched by the end of the year/beginning next year and the initiative can be fully operational in 2015.

Based on above-mentioned "S2R Strategic Masterplan", the Joint Undertaking will implement a ten-year research and innovation funding programme which will be open to the participation of all Research & Development & Innovation Actors from EU Member States and Associated Countries in Horizon 2020. According to the European Commission’s proposal, an amount of € 450 million of funding taken from the Horizon 2020 budget will be provided by the European Union for the period 2014-2020. Rail industry is allocating a budget of € 470 million.

Calls for proposals

S2R calls are split into two categories: calls exclusively for the members of the Joints Undertaking (Calls for Members - CFM) and competitive calls (Open Calls - OC) which are open to companies, universities and research centres. Proposals can be submitted via the Participant Portal.