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PPP Cybersecurity

Information and Communication Technologies are the basis for growth and competitiveness of the European economy as well as they have strong impact on all aspects of social life. Associated with the development of the cyberarea during the last twenty years the vulnerability of the IT systems have been shown. Intentionally planned or accidental incidents did increasingly appear as well as cybercrime against the private sector and individuals increased continuously. Therefore and complementary to the national security measures of the Member States, the European Union aimed at drafting and implementing a security strategy, to assert the values also in the digital world.

On February 7, 2013 the European Commission published a communication to the European Parliament and the Council, containing a package of strategic measures to improve the resiclienceof IT systems, to mitigate caber criminality and to foster the cybersecurity policy and cyberdefence of the Union.

The objectives of this cybersecurity strategy is divided into five strategic priorities:

  • Achieving cyber resilience

  • Drastically reducing cybercrime

  • Developing cyberdefence policy and capabilities related to the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP)

  • Develop the industrial and technological resources for cybersecurity

  • Establish a coherent international cyberspace policy for the European Union and promote core EU values

As regards Research and Innovation in the security strategy the Commission will “Use Horizon 2020 to address a range of areas in ICT privacy and security, from R&D to innovation and deployment. Horizon 2020 will also develop tools and instruments to fight criminal and terrorist activities targeting the cyber environment. Establish mechanisms for better coordination of the research agendas of the European Union institutions and the Member States, and incentivise the Member States to invest more in R&D.”

Furthermore the Commission published a “Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning measures to ensure a high common level of network and information security across the Union” which was adopted by Parliament and Council in July 2016.

Together with the flagship initiative “Innovation Union” of the Europe 2020-Strategy the strategy “ A Digital Agenda for Europe” are the two pillars of smart growth in Europe. One of the measures of the Digital Agenda on May 6, 2015 the Commission proposed a strategy for a Digital Single Market for Europe, in which cybersecurity plays a key role.  The chapter “Reinforcing trust and security in digital services and in the handling of personal data” says, that the Commission will “in the first half of 2016 […] initiate the establishment [of] a Public-Private Partnership on cybersecurity in the area of technologies and solutions for online network security.”

After an open online consultation on possible themes and tasks of the partnership, the cPPP on cybersecurity was officially launched by the European Commission (public side) and the European Cyber Security Organisation ECSO (private side) in July 2016. The cPPP’s major objective is to promote and support research and innovation as well as the cybersecurity market in Europe. The Commission will invest EUR 450 Mio. from the Horizon 2020 budget and expects a triple leverage factor through private investments by ECSO members.