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PPP "Factories of the Future" (FoF)

The PPP Factories of the Future’s aim is the sustainable development of the global competitiveness in the European manufacturing sector. This shall especially strengthen the technological base of small and medium-sized enterprises by the development and the inclusion of promising technologies, for instance engineering technologies for adaptive machines and industrial processes, ICT and new material.

The future research and innovation areas and activities of the PPP will be based on the Roadmap 2014 - 2020 drafted of the interest group European Factories of the Future Research Association EFFRA. Members of EFFRA are e.g. SME, suppliers, customer-oriented enterprises, as well as research institutes and universities spread across Europe.

 Research and innovation areas:

  • Advanced manufacturing processes

  • Adaptive and smart manufacturing systems

  • Digital, virtual and resource-efficient factories

  • Collaborative and mobile enterprises

  • Human-centred manufacturing

  • Customer-focused manufacturing

Research and innovation activities:

  • Manufacturing the products of the future: Addressing the ever changing needs of society and offering the potential of opening new markets

  • Economic sustainability of manufacturing: Combining high-performance and quality with cost-effective productivity, realising reconfigurable, adaptive and evolving factories capable of small scale production in an economically viable way

  • Social sustainability of manufacturing: Integrating human skills with technology

  • Environmental sustainability of manufacturing: Reducing resource consumption and waste generation