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PPP "Energy-efficient Buildings" (EeB)

The objective of the Energy-efficient Buildings Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Initiative is to support the creation of a high-tech building industry which turns energy efficiency into a sustainable business, fostering EU competitiveness in the construction sector on a global level.

This support on a European level is required for the following reasons: on the one hand the construction sector is an important part of the critical path to decarbonise the European economy by 2050, as buildings use 40% of total EU energy consumption and generate 36% of Green-House Gases in Europe. On the other hand, the sector is directly impacted by the on-going financial and economic crisis and is highly fragmented with over 95% of SMEs. The requirements from European environment and energy policies are adding further strain on this industry. Therefore, funds from Horizon 2020 are allocated to this area to support concerted activities, leverage investments for innovation and to increase the market for energy efficiency.

The EeB PPP was implemented under FP7 and will be continued in the context of Horizon 2020. Its budget will be provided in equal shares by the framework programme and the sector’s industry, grouped in the non-profit “E2B association”.

The major part of the calls for this PPP are part of the sub-programme LEIT (Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing) but some aspects are also covered by the workprogramme of the Societal Challenge Energy.