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Contractual Public-Private Partnerships (cPPPs)

Background and objectives

The Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) emerged as part of the European Economic Recovery Plan (EERP), initiated by the European Commission. These public-private partnerships aim at the development of innovative technologies in the key industries of Europe, namely the manufacturing, the construction and the automotive sector. These sectors were especially affected by the financial crisis after 2008. Basically, the collaboration between academia and industry is impelmented "on a level playing field". In single cases, the focus lies on specific research questions.


The public sector funds 50% of the PPPs, the other half of the funding comes from the private sector. From the public sector, the European Commission takes part in the PPPs by providing variable shares of the EU budget for each partnership respectively. Accordingly, funding for these bottom-up calls is allocated from the relevant thematic areas of the Commission’s research budget.