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PPP Advanced 5G for Future Internet

The Future Internet PPP (5G) is a follow-up to the Future Internet PPP, which was implemented under FP7.Whereas the FP7 Public-Private Partnership primarily supports service and application platforms as innovation accelerators, the new PPP to be implemented under Horizon 2020 will focus on network technologies and architectures.

The increased usage of internet applications and mobile usages requires the development of new classes of networks with capabilities to lower opex and capex, the support of a 1000 fold traffic increase by 2020, the support of new classes of applications like the Internet of Things or cloud based applications as well as the seamless integration of very high capacity fixed and mobile accesses.

Europe should retain global leadership in the increasing global competition, in particular through driving the architecture and deriving standards. The initiative 5G shall therefore bring the structuring efforts of the Net!Works ETP one step further through a structured research roadmap and shall minimise the fragmentation of efforts . Accordingly, the initiative shall support the emergence of a new class of network infrastructure standards and shall boost innovation through a multi-stakeholder approach.

The European Commision has prepared the Future Internet PPP (5G) with industry stakeholders, originating mainly from the Net!Works ETP (now NetWorld 2020 ETP ), which defines the strategic research agenda for this domain.