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Cross-cutting aspects

Space research belongs to the "Industrial Leadership" part of Horizon 2020.

Knowledge from space research and space-based applications are incorporated in numerous areas of our everyday life and therefore can be found in many other areas of Horizon 2020.

The first Union space missions (Galileo and Copernicus) reached operational stage generating an unprecedented wealth of data available for the development of new space enabled applications by societal challenges and focus areas such as agriculture, ocean and water cycle monitoring, low-carbon energy infrastructure planning and protection, intelligent transport, disaster management and climate action. Especially the fields of environment and climate change (via the Earth observation initiatives GEOSS and Copernicus), civil protection and security are closely connected to space-borne observations and operational services.

Proposals concerning topics within the Space topic might also be eligible for funding in the framework of funding lines such as "Future and Emerging Technologies" - FET Open (bottom-up) or FET Proactive (topic-related) - if they involve high-risk, visionary and interdisciplinary topics for the development of future technologies.