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The Key Enabling Technology Nanotechnology covers five overarching lines of activity:

Developing Next Generation Nanomaterials, Nanodevices and Nanosystem 

Aiming at the development and integration of knowledge at the cross-roads of different scientific disciplines to create fundamentally new products enabling sustainable solutions in a wide range of sectors.

Ensuring the Safe and Sustainable Development and Application of Nanotechnologies

Advancing scientific knowledge of their potential impact on health or on the environment concerning a pro-active, science-based governance of nanotechnologies, and providing validated scientific tools and platforms for the assessment and management of hazards, expositions and risks along the entire life cycle of nanomaterials and nanosystems.

Developing the Societal Dimension of Nanotechnology

Addressing the human and physical needs of infrastructures while deploying nanotechnology and focusing on governance of nanotechnology for societal benefit.

Efficient and Sustainable Synthesis and Manufacturing of Nanomaterials, Components and Systems

Aiming at new flexible, scalable and repeatable unit operations, smart integration of new and existing processes as well as up-scaling concerning large-scale production of products and multi-purpose plants that ensures the efficient transfer of knowledge into industrial innovation.

Developing and Standardisation of Capacity-enhancing Techniques, Measuring Methods and Equipment

Focusing on the development and market introduction of underpinning technologies for complex nanomaterials and nanosystems, characterisation and manipulation of matter at the nano-scale, modelling, computational design and advanced engineering at the atomic level.

More detailed information on the specific research areas is provided in this excerpt from the Specific Programme.