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This theme is structured in the following three lines of activities:

Boosting cutting-edge biotechnologies as a future innovation driver

Development of emerging technology areas such as synthetic biology, bioinformatics and systems biology, which hold great promise for innovative products and technologies and completely novel applications.

Biotechnology-based industrial products and processes

Developing industrial biotechnology and industrial scale bio-process design for competitive industrial products and sustainable processes (e.g. chemical, health, mining, energy, pulp and paper, fibre-based products and wood, textile, starch, food processing) and its environmental and health dimensions, including clean-up operations.

Innovative and competitive platform technologies

Development of platform technologies (e.g. genomics, meta-genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, molecular tools, expression systems, phenotyping platforms and cell-based platforms) to enhance leadership and competitive advantage in a wide number of sectors that have economic impacts.

More detailed information on these lines of activities can be found in the Specific Programme.