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FET Open

FET Open will support high-risk, early-stage science and technology collaborative research projects which are supposed to explore innovative ways for radically new future technologies and to call into question existing paradigms and to venture into uncharted areas.

By being explicitly non‑topical, FET Open allows for new ideas within the broadest spectrum of themes and disciplines. To reach a wide variety of selected projects FET Open offers a bottom-up selection procedure which is open for diversified research ideas. A long-term vision going beyond state-of-the-art research is one of the key characteristics of all successful projects. These high risk projects will be organized in an interdisciplinary way and take up new ideas and concepts which might constitute the cornerstone for a new technology.

A single-stage application procedure without fixed deadlines is also characteristic for FET Open. The submission of the short proposals (15 pages) is followed by a swift single-stage review process. The selected projects will be started promptly without any long negotiation phase.