KoWi and the Working Group of EU-liaison officers at German Universities (Bundesarbeitskreis der EU-Referenten an deutschen Hochschulen - BAK) are implementing the EU-Mentoring programme since 2011.


The EU-Mentoring programme aims strengthening the service capacity of researchers and university management level staff. It is based on the mutual exchange of expert knowledge between experienced and starting EU-liaison officers under the guidance of professional trainers. Tailor-made training workshops are an additional component of the programme.

Target Group

EU-liaison officers of German universities


Mareike Schmitt
EU Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations (KoWi)
Rue du Trône 98; BE 1050 Brüssel
Tel.: +32-2-548 02 22
E-mail: mareike.schmitt(at)

Friederieke Noack (BAK co-chair)
Technische Universität Dresden
Tel.: +49-351 463-42191
E-Mail: friederieke.noack(at)