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EU-Kompakt I & II

The KoWi event series "EU-Kompakt" offers interested parties a practical introduction to the research funding of the European Union and provides in-depth knowledge about content-related contexts, strategic aspects and communication channels in Brussels.

The entire European research and innovation funding and especially Horizon Europe, the new Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, is becoming increasingly important for universities, research centres, companies and individual researchers. It offers funding for collaborative research as well as for the training of young scientists and excellent basic research, and it supports the development of research capacities.

The variety of new programme structures, funding instruments and actors with partly different objectives make European research and innovation funding increasingly complex, despite all the efforts to simplify it. The increased focus on projects that are expected to produce marketable results or products and the prominent role of industry in setting agendas pose new challenges for researchers and research managers.

The concept of the EU-Kompakt seminars, a proven success over many years, addresses all these aspects and is distinguished by its close practical relevance, which is tailored to different levels of experience.

EU-Kompakt I

"EU Kompakt I" is taking place in Bonn and offers a comprehensive introduction to the new Horizon Europe Framework Programme. The seminar is aimed specifically at newcomers to the topic of EU research funding and requires no prior knowledge. It is primarily intended to help EU officers, multipliers and administrators to better understand the research policy context and the administrative framework conditions.

The objective of the three-day seminar is to provide basic knowledge about the structures, procedures, programme content and funding instruments of European research funding. Participants will learn the basics about EU research policy and the new European Research Framework Programme, with a focus on collaborative research, mobility, excellence and funding for young researchers. In addition to this, the general application and review process as well as general project support and administration are presented in a practice-oriented manner.

"EU-Kompakt I" takes place twice a year (spring and autumn) in the KoWi event room in Bonn.

The current dates can be found in our calendar of events. Affiliation with a German university/public research institution or affiliation with an institution of the KoWi sponsoring association is a prerequisite for participation.

Programme: Byron Schirbock, Katharina Spannhake

Registration: Marion Colell, Petra Kamionka