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EU Strategy Discussions

The KoWi tool "EU Strategy Discussions - Perspectives and Potentials for Universities and Higher Education Institutions in Horizon Europe" is essentially a steering instrument for university and higher education management. It provides information on current research policy developments in EU research funding and offers the opportunity to develop the institution's profile, structures and research priorities, with a view to attracting third-party EU funding and remaining competitive in the EU field.

The usual content of the meeting will be a presentation of current relevant topics in EU research policy, a discussion of the funding options from Horizon Europe that can be considered with regard to the university's research priorities, and a discussion of key points and concrete measures for an efficient EU governance structure at the university.

In detail, the focus of the interview depends on the wishes of the institution and will be determined in the joint preparation.

More formally, an "EU Strategy Discussion" is an interactive consultation meeting moderated by KoWi with the management of the university/college and the respective persons responsible for EU research funding and strategic development. It takes place on site at the interested institution and usually lasts 3-4 hours. The strategy discussion is free of charge for the participants.

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