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Visitor´s programme

KoWi offers a visiting programme for administrators from German universities and research organisations, who can join the office in Bonn or Brussels for a period of up to three weeks (depending on availability).

During their stay in Bonn or Brussels visitors will have the possibility to gather information from the KoWi team about funding opportunities and developments within the EU research funding policies, for instance. Also, they can pursue their own projects and appointments, and will be able to make use of KoWi’s networks for establishing their own working contacts.

The main target group of the programme are EU liaison officers.


The visitor should be sent to Bonn or Brussels on behalf of a German university, research organisation or research administration. Before the visit candidates should explain their reasons and motivation for the stay and talk to the KoWi team about their main interests. Additionally, the candidate should submit a short CV as well as a project description, if applicable.

On the basis of this information KoWi will prepare a “visiting programme” which encompasses suggestions for current events in Bonn or Brussels and which matches the visitor’s own individual working schedule and appointments.

Moreover, KoWi will help with lists of contacts and links for accommodation and will provide orientation in the city.

A period of at least eight weeks should lie between the registration for the programme and its beginning.