European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations


Project proposals are to be submitted electronically via the Participant Portal Submission Service. Proposals consist of two parts:

  • Part A: forms
  • Part B: description of all project activities as free text

To get access to the system, the coordinator has to register online at ECAS (European Commission Authentication Service). Registration is required only once over the entire term of Horizon 2020. The account can be used for preparing and submitting a large number of proposals.

The coordinator can log in to the Participant Portal’s system by means of his ECAS account. There, he has the possibility to create a new project concerning the corresponding call, and afterwards add his partner contacts to the project. The consortium partners may complete their own application forms (part A). Then, the coordinator prepares an overview of all partner forms and uploads part B of the proposal. Only the coordinator is entitled to submit a completed proposal.

After having successfully submitted the proposal, the coordinator will receive a message of confirmation. Submitting several proposal versions in a row is possible until the deadline for expires. The last version submitted before the deadline will be evaluated. An acknowledgement of receipt is sent to the coordinator approximately two weeks after the expiry of the call deadline.

Proposals sent by post, CD-ROM, email or fax will not be taken into account and will be excluded from the evaluation process. Furthermore, incomplete proposals or proposals not submitted to the European Commission in time will also be excluded from the evaluation process and rejected on technical grounds.