European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations

Work Programmes and calls for proposals

The European Commission publishes Work Programmes for two years, which serve as implementation plans of the Specific Programmes or the strategic planning. Each Work Programme contains thematic guidelines, the funding schemes of the projects, the criteria for evaluation of the proposals and the respective deadlines of the calls. To submit a successful proposal, it is vital to be familiar with the Work Programmes.

For the duration of the Framework Programme, the Work Programmes will be updated regularly. The content of the Work Programmes is adjusted together with the Programme Committees of the EU Member States.

From the day of the publication of all calls in the Official Journal all applicants have approximately three months time to prepare their proposal until the day of the deadline. Preliminary schedules in the Work Programmes already provide information about planned calls and thus allow for long-term planning.

For each call or request for the submission of proposals a specific Guide for Applicants will be available, which describes the structure of the proposal and explains how the requirements set out in the Work Programme and the call are to be implemented.

Proposals are prepared and submitted via the Participant Portal Submission Service (SEP) The deadlines for each call have to be respected as proposals handed in after the deadline are not eligible.