European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations

Reporting requirements

Final report

At the end of the project, the following documents have to be submitted:

A final report, within 60 days after the official ending of the project, containing:

  • a final technical report, that illustrates the results of the project, their exploitation and dissemination, as well as their socio-economical impact
  • a final summary financial statement, generated by the participant portal that contains the summary of all the financial statements
  • a certification on the financial statements (audit certificate) for those partners whose EC-funding is exceeding EUR 325,000 (without indirect costs or flat rates)

In the case of bigger projects with a total grant value of EUR 5 millions or more and reporting periods longer than 18 months, the coordinator is obliged to hand in, by the end of each year, an overview of all incurred costs of each partner since the start of the project.

During and after the project, the coordinator has to notify the Commission about all references and abstracts, within the two months after their publication. After the end of the project, he furthermore has to hand in a complete list of publications.

Reporting in Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) projects

The reporting rules of JTI projects are set by the JTI themselves. The rules may therefore differ from rules applicable in other parts of Horizion 2020 and vary depending on the specific JTI. Especially in the field of financial reporting, there are important variations due to the specific organisational structures and the resulting financing mechanisms of the JTIs.
However, the legal basis for the reporting system is also a Grant Agreement which is concluded by the consortium and the Joint Undertaking (and, eventually, also by the Member States), and whose structure is broadly similar to the Model Grant Agreement of Horizon 2020.