European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations

Reporting requirements

The Grant Agreement (GA) states the reporting requirements for the project partners, the criteria for a evaluation of reports and deliverables by the Commission and, furthermore, the deadlines for payments. The project coordinator transmits all reports and deliverables electronically to the Project Officer via the Participant Portal.

Especially regarding the reports that are intended to be published, attention has to be paid to their quality and the fact that those reports may not contain any confidential information on project results.

Payments are always made after approval by the Commission and no later than 90 days after the Commission this date.

During the course of the project, the following docuements have to be handed in:

  • all deliverables according to the fixed schedule of Annex 1 (art. 19 GA)
  • a periodic report, within 60 days after the ending of each report interval (art.20.2  GA)

Periodic report

This periodic report includes:

A ‘technical report’ that covers the completed work, containing:

  • a description of the completed activities
  • an overview of the project’s progress, including explications of eventual divergence from Annex 1 of the GA, as well as information concerning the exploitation and the dissemination of the project results – and, additionally, if envisaged so by Annex 1 – an updated version of the exploitation and dissemination plan of the project outcomes
  • a summary to be published by the Commission
  • a questionnaire about the societal and economic impact of the project

a financial report, including:

  • a financial statement (Annex 4 GA) for each partner, and for eventual Third Parties. Each partner fills in his own Form C and has it signed electronically by the FSIGN (Financial Statement Signatory) of his institution, before sending it to the Coordinator. The participant portal generates an overview of the individual financial statements, and the coordinator electronically hands in the complete financial report to the Project Officer
  • an explanation on the use of resources