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Grant Agreement

The beneficiaries of a Horizon 2020 project will be carrying out jointly the research and technological development work as described in their project proposal. To this end and for each project the European Union and the beneficiaries will sign a Grant Agreement. The Grant Agreement lays down the rights and obligations of each participating legal entity, in particular with regard to the following subjects:

  • Information about the type of funding, the project’s duration and the budget

  • Funding conditions and financial arrangements

  • Rights and obligations related to project implementation and administration: reporting, intellectual property rights, gender, ethics, etc.

  • Rights and obligations of the coordinator, the partners as well as the European Commission or funding agency

  • Sanctions and termination of the project

  • Amendments to the agreement 

A Model Grant Agreement is available on the Participant Portal. It is a standardised document that contains several options for a number of clauses in order to satisfy the different requirements by some project types. The different articles of the Model Grant Agreement have furthermore been complemented by explanatory comments in the so-called Annotated Model Grant Agreement. The annotations provide further information, which, in previous Framework Programmes, were part of the "Guide to Financial Issues".