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By means of an amendment, the consortium may adjust the Grant Agreement to altered project circumstances. Among others, an amendment will be necessary in the following cases:

  • Termination of participation or accession of a project partner to the consortium

  • Change of the Coordinator

  • Extension of the project’s duration

  • Premature termination of the project

  • Substantial change of the description of the action

Not each modification of the project requires an amendment, e.g. budget transfers that do not substantially influence the project work. In other cases such as the change of the legal status of a partner, it is sufficient to send a notificiation to the Commission after the change has been introduced into the participant portal by the organisation’s LEAR.

Before an official amendment request is made, it should have been approved by all consortium members. Furthermore, the Project Officer should have been informed and agree with the amendment and its content. Following this the project coordinator can send the amendment to the Commission via the participant portal. Depending on the type of amendment, further documents (such as a revised version of Annex 1 or updated forms) have to be added to the request.

Within 45 days, the Commission will inform the Coordinator about its approval or rejection of the amendment. In case there is no answer from the Commission within this period, the request needs to be considered as rejected. In this case, it is recommended to get into contact with the Commission.

Frequently an amendment will contain various individual requests (e.g. changes between the work packages accompanied with a prolongation of the project duration). In this case, the Commission will only accept or reject the request as a whole.