Proposal & Project

ERC Grant Agreement

Financial Rules

The funding rates of ERC projects are identical to those of other Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Actions: 100% of the direct eligible costs are reimbursed by the EU. The indirect costs are reimbursed through a flat rate of 25% of the direct costs. Costs for subcontracting and costs for resources made available by Third Parties which are not used on the beneficary’s premises may not be taken into account for the flat rate calculation.

For ERC projects, the same documentation obligations apply as for other Horizon 2020 projects: Persons that are only partly working on the project have to keep timesheets or comparable recording methods. Also regarding the cash flow, there are only few differences to the GAs of other projects. The pre-financing can be paid within 30 days, either from the entry into force of the Agreement or from 10 days before the starting date of the action whichever is the latest.

Further specificities of the ERC Grant Agreement concern the possibility for the Principal Investigator to change his or her Host Institution (Portability of Grants), as well as the provisions concerning the commitment of the PI to invest at least 50% (Starting Grant) or 30% (Advanced Grants) of his or her working time into the project (time commitment).

Furthermore, the agreement contains specific clauses in case of a premature termination of the project due to scientific reasons or unavailability of the PI.