European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations

ERC project implementation

ERC Grant Agreement

If a proposal has been successfully evaluated and the Principal Investigator accepts the ERC Grant, the ERC prepares a Grant Agreement, which is based on the application. This Grant Agreement provides only little room for adjustments. As a general rule, the agreement is not negotiable.

The Grant Agreement is signed by the European Commission (represented by the European Research Council Executive Agency - ERCEA) and the Host Institution, which is the beneficiary of the ERC grant. For ERC projects, the Horizon 2020 ERC Model Grant Agreement is used.

The Grant Agreement sets out the rights and obligations of the contracting parties, especially as regards the project implementation, the financial contribution of the EC and its use, as well as reporting duties of the beneficiaries.

Additionally to the Grant Agreement, the Principal Investigator and the Host Institution conclude a Supplementary Agreement by which the institution is committed to accord sufficient support and scientific independence to the Principal Investigator in order to assure a proper project implementation. A minimum amount of support through the Host Institution is also already fixed by the Grant Agreement.
Provisions of the Supplementary Agreement which are not in line with the Grant Agreement are considered invalid. The ERC only signs the Grant Agreement after submission of a Supplementary Agreement.