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The implementation of a project in Horizon Europe is associated with certain reporting obligations on the use of funding and the scientific progress of the project. They are defined in the Data Sheet and Article 21 of the Grant Agreement.

Periodic reporting is required by submitting reports at the end of each reporting period. The individual project's reporting periods are defined in the Grant Agreement Data Sheet. The periodic reports to be prepared include a technical part on project implementation and a financial part on the costs incurred. Payments to the consortia during the project runtime and at the end of the project will only be initiated after approval of the reports by the European Commission or one of its Executive Agencies.

In addition to the periodic reporting, beneficiaries are also required to continuous reporting on the progress of the project between periodic reports. This is generally done via the Funding & Tender Portal and is based on targets set prior to the start of the project, such as deliverables and milestones.