Proposal & Project

Reporting in FP7

Reporting obligations

Annex II of the Grant Agreement defines the main obligations of the consortium to report to the Commission (Art.II.4 GA), it also provides basic criteria for a positive evaluation of reports and deliverables by the commission as well as the time limits for the upcoming payments (Art.II.5 GA). Payments will be disbursed only after the Commission's approval of reports, generally within 105 days of their receipt.

During the course of the project

(Art.II.4.1 GA)

All deliverables identified in Annex I GA according to the specified timetable

A periodic report is due within 60 days of the submission of the previous report. The periodic report should be comprised of:

  • A progress report of the project including a publishable summary. It should include achievements and attainment of any milestones and deliverables as well as a section on project management. Likewise any deviations from the proposed work package should be pointed out and explained
  • A declaration by the project coordinator on the fulfilment of its obligations according to Art. II.2.3 GA
  • An explanation of the use of the resources
  • A Financial Statement that comprises of Form C (Annex VI GA) provided by each of the beneficiaries and each third party if applicable. Also, a summarising financial report which is to be compiled by the coordinator in order to consolidate the claimed Community contribution of all the beneficiaries. Additionally, the report should be accompanied by certificates on financial statements (Annex VII (Form D) GA) and/or certificates on the methodology (Annex VII (Form E), GA, when this is appropriate.