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Audits & certificates

Audits and certificates

The European Commission’s audit policy in terms of research funding comprises three instruments: Certificates on the financial statements (CFS), certificates on the methodology (CoM & CoMAv) and the so-called ex-post audits.

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Certificate on the Financial Statements

The Certificate on the Financial Statements (CFS), which serves the confirmation of the accurate billing of all reimbursable costs, is part of the periodic reporting of an EU-project.

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Certificates on the Methodology

There are two types of Certificates on the Methodology: Certificate on the methodology of average personnel costs and the certificate on the methodology.

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Financial Audits carried out by the Commission

It is of vital interest to the EU to guarantee the correct and purposeful use of taxpayers’ money spent on research projects within the Research Framework Programmes. Independent scrutiny of EU spending is crucial in preventing errors.

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EU ex-post audits: time schedule

An EU ex-post audit within the field of research funding will always include a visit "on-the-spot", either by the Commission’s internal auditors or the respective mandated external auditors.

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