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Use of the Results and Exploitation

For all projects, Horizon Europe has an obligation (on best effort basis) to exploit new knowledge and to protect it appropriately and effectively. The exploitation may also be carried out by third parties. Each Work Programme may also include further obligations to distribute the results.

If, despite best efforts, a beneficiary does not succeed in directly or indirectly utilising his or her results within one year after the end of the project, the results must be offered on the Horizon Results Platform. This obligation may only be waived in exceptional cases.

The Horizon Results Platform is part of the Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal and is intended to present results to policy makers and society as well as to other researchers, entrepreneurs and potential investors. The aim is to promote cooperation between different players and to achieve the greatest possible transfer of research results to society and the market.

The European Commission continues to monitor the exploitation of results in Horizon Europe after the end of the project and asks rights holders to report on their exploitation measures.

All dissemination and exploitation measures must be in line with the intellectual property rights and other interests of the holder. The other beneficiaries must therefore be informed before any action is taken. All publications and patent applications must also contain a reference to the financial support of the European Commission. The Commission does not need to be informed in advance of any publication.