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Open Access and Research Data Management

Open access to research results is in principle mandatory for all projects in Horizon Europe. The background to this is the Commission's efforts to ensure the broadest possible access to publicly funded research results.

Open Access to scientific publications

Whereas Horizon 2020 still provided for embargo periods of six or twelve months, after which a publication had to be freely accessible, Horizon Europe requires immediate Open Access to publications that have undergone a peer-review process. Details on publication, licences and metadata are set out in the Grant Agreement. Authors must ensure, among other things, that they retain sufficient intellectual property rights to meet their obligations. Costs incurred in the context of an Open Access publication are chargeable to the project, provided the publication is in a full Open Access venue.

Research data management

In Horizon Europe, Open Access to research data is also to be guaranteed in principle, in keeping with the principle "as open as possible - as restricted as necessary". When managing research data, researchers should be guided by the FAIR principles (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, Reusability).

This includes, among other things, the mandatory creation of a data management plan for each project and the storage and provision of the data in a relevant repository. Details on publication, licences and metadata are set out in the Grant Agreement.

However, Open Access to research data need not be guaranteed if this conflicts with the legitimate (e.g. commercial) interests of the project partners concerned, or if there are other restrictions, e.g. due to data protection regulations, security regulations or intellectual property rights.

Additional commitments on Open Access to research results may be set out in the Work Programmes.