European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations

Intellectual Property Rights

The new focus on innovation in Horizon 2020 demands beneficiaries’ particular attention in the area of intellectual property (IP). In principle a lot of continuity with regard to FP7 rules on IP rights can be observed. The autonomy of the consortium remains the main characteristic while the European Commission backs off. Several necessary changes have been made, however, in order to simplify the rules and adapt them to the demands of Horizon 2020.

The general rules for handling intellectual property in Horizon 2020 are laid down in the Rules for participation for all forms of funding. For some project types, e.g. pre-commercial procurement, special provisions apply. If applicable, further provisions may be part of the Grant Agreement. As an example, certain projects might contain specific clauses regarding open access to research data, if this has been foreseen in the work programme.