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Together, all beneficiaries form the project consortium, which, by entering into the Grant Agreement, agrees to implement the project in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions. The Grant Agreement governs the relationship between the Consortium and the European Commission.

Within the Consortium, the project coordinator acts as interface to the European Commission. All communication with the Project Officer goes through the coordinator, and he also takes over the tasks of project monitoring and administration of the financial contribution. The consortium takes all measures for efficient project implementation and to this end enters into a written agreement (Consortium Agreement) regulating various aspects of the internal relationship within the consortium. In Horizon Europe, the conclusion of a Consortium Agreement is mandatory for all projects with multiple partners, unless explicitly provided otherwise in the respective Work Programme.

The Consortium Agreement serves as a legal agreement that helps the project partners to minimise or avoid potential conflicts among themselves. The Consortium Agreement exclusively regulates the relationship between the participants; the European Commission is not a contractual partner. The Grant Agreement is hierarchically superior to the Consortium Agreement, so that the provisions of the Grant Agreement take precedence in any case, but the Consortium Agreement covers further areas that are more in-depth.