European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations

The Consortium Agreement

The rules for participation of Horizon 2020 provide straightforward guidelines about the areas to be settled in a consortium agreement:

  • Internal organisation of the consortium: This relates to the management structures and decision-making processes within the project.
  • The distribution of the Union funding: In this section the method by which the EU contribution will be distributed to the partners by the coordinator will be determined. Here, for example, it might be established that the distribution of parts of the funds is linked to the submission of the necessary reports.
  • Additional rules on dissemination, use and access rights: The rules for participation for Horizon 2020 already provide several rules for the use and dissemination of research results and define a system of access rights to background and results. Within this framework, the consortium may take complementary provisions specifically tailored to the project.
  • Dispute resolution: The consortium should establish procedures for dealing with internal conflicts including cases of abuse of power within the consortium.
  • Liability, indemnification and confidentiality arrangements between the participants.

The European Commission provides some guidance on the main issues to be addressed in a consortium agreement but does not offer a model agreement.