European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations



Results of the Horizon Europe implementation co-design exercise

06. Dec 2019

On 26 November, the European Commission's Directorate-General for Research and Innovation has published the final report on the "Horizon Europe implementation co-design exercise" which consisted of an open web consultation that collected 1,549 replies between 31 July 2019 and 4 October 2019 and of meetings and exchanges at the European Research and Innovation Days in September 2019.

Contributions from stakeholders to the exercise show a general acknowledgement of simplifications introduced in Horizon 2020, considered as good starting point for further simplification under Horizon Europe. Respondents appreciate the continuity approach taken by the Commission for the rules for participation. Nonetheless, scope for further improvements across the entire project life cycle is also highlighted by respondents’ answers.
There is a global call for further simplification, including clearer guidance (e.g. on personnel costs) as well as more alignment with beneficiaries' usual accounting practices. Further issues raised include the improvement of the transparency of the evaluation procedure and the selection of expert evaluators as well as the importance of appropriate communication and feedback to applicants and beneficiaries, including feedback on applications.

The results of this exercise, as well as the feedback of stakeholders gathered during consultation events in Member states, will contribute to the ongoing work on the actual drafting of the Implementation Strategy for Horizon Europe.