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Publication of the report on the performance of science, research and innovation

08. Jul 2022

Under the title 'Building a sustainable future in uncertain times', the European Commission has published the Science, Research and Innovation Performance Report 2022, which analyses the EU's innovation performance in a global context. The report provides insights into how research and innovation policies can contribute to building an inclusive, sustainable, competitive and resilient Europe, by harnessing the essential roles of research and innovation as a source of wealth and a catalyst for change, for example by:

  • Promoting a green and digital economy for a prosperous society where no one is left behind
  • Secure economies, diversified supply chains and knowledge that helps address future challenges
  • Networking individuals and organisations to access and share skills and knowledge, and strengthening the European innovation system by reducing the gap between regions and countries

The report also shows that Europe needs to strengthen its readiness to respond quickly and appropriately to new, unexpected challenges, as shown by the coronavirus pandemic and Russia's invasion of Ukraine Europe.

This year's report underlines that the EU remains a strong player in global competition in terms of scientific production and technological outputs. While representing only 6% of the world's population, it accounts for about 18% of global R&I investment and 21% of the world's most cited scientific publications. In terms of technological output, the EU leads the world in climate, with 23% of total patent applications, but also contributes significantly in other areas, such as bioeconomy (23%) and health (17%). However, this position is eroding as the EU's main trading partners have improved their innovation performance faster in recent years.

On 12 July 2022, 15-17 hr., the main findings of the report will be presented at a virtual event, and high-level speakers will discuss current trends in research and innovation and relevant policies.