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Open Call in Erasmus+ to test and explore deeper transnational cooperation instruments for higher education

19. Aug 2022

For institutions either active in pilot projects on joint European degrees or interested in deepening an existing transnational alliance for higher education, Erasmus+ has currently an open call in the field of European Policy Experimentation. The deadline is October 6.  

European consortia may hand in their proposals for two independent topics

  • Project ideas for the first topic should examine the delivery of a joint European degree label in the framework of transnational higher education programmes. The examination of such a label would be based on already existing co-created European criteria and tested on transnational programmes (e.g. European Universities, Erasmus Mundus Consortia, Marie-Skłodowska-Curie Consortia and other types of transnational cooperation partnerships).  
  • The second topic adresses the feasibility for a possible European legal status for alliances of higher education institutions (e.g. European Universities or other types of transnational higher education alliances). Consortia should explore how existing EU cooperation instruments (e.g. the European grouping of territorial cooperation (EGTC) or the European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG)) can contribute to a deeper cooperation in higher education. The aim is to give alliances, on a voluntary basis, the latitude to act together, make common strategic decisions, experiment joint recruitment, design joint curricula or pool resources and human, technical, data, education, research and innovation capacities.