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New European Bauhaus: New communication on planned actions and funding opportunities

17. Sep 2021

The European Commission published a communication on the further progress of the New European Bauhaus Initiative (NEB) that includes a set of planned actions as well as funding opportunities.
Within the time frame of 2021-2022 the Commission envisages to provide about EUR 85 million for various actions, taken from several EU programmes such as Horizon Europe, the LIFE programme as well as the European Regional Development Fund. Likewise, the European Member States are called to use means from their national Recovery and Resilience Plans to support measures and projects that are in line with the spirit of the NEB. It is also sought to make the NEB a reference for calls in other European funding programs.
More precisely, the Communication announces further networking events such as the planned New European Bauhaus Festival scheduled for spring 2022 in Brussels. Furthermore, a NEB Lab shall act as a ‘think and do tank’ to provide support to the community and their activities by involving high level experts as well as the official NEB partner institutions.
Aside from the announced call of the so called lighthouse pilot projects that will open at the end of this month (deadline for the submission of proposals will be 25 January 2022), further possibilities for the submission of proposals are designated for the period of 2022-2023. To merit those projects of high quality that may not receive direct funding due to limited means, a New European Bauhaus Seal of Excellence shall provide a label to boost chances of alternative funding options.
In addition to the communication, a Q&A website was launched. The complete communication comprises several annexes, including a report on the co-design phase, a summary of the foreseen allocated EU funding and a document that highlights how the NEB connects with other EU actions and strategic plans.
The updated website on the delivery phase of the NEB offers further information as well as funding opportunities with particular calls for proposals referring to one of the three given impact types (places on the ground, enabling for innovation & diffusion of new meanings).




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