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MSCA: Results of COFUND and Staff Exchanges 2021 calls published

15. Jul 2022

The European Commission has published the results of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie (MSCA) COFUND and Staff Exchanges 2021 calls.

On 6 July 2022, the European Commission announced that a total of 26 MSCA-COFUND-2021 projects will receive co-funding of in total EUR 89 million, including 13 Doctoral Programmes (DP) and 13 Postdoctoral Programmes (FP). Of the 116 MSCA-COFUND-2021 submitted applications, projects with at least 92.4 points were selected for funding; the success rate is 22.41%. Projects from Spain (7), Ireland (4), and Finland (3) were most successful.

With the MSCA COFUND program, the European Commission supports existing or new regional, national and international programs that aim at strengthening the training, mobility and career development of postdocs and doctoral students. Participants for this scheme, with a still relative high success rate of over 20% compared to other EU programs, are legal entities established in an EU Member State or Horizon Europe associated country.

On 7 July 2022, the European Commission also announced that of the total 209 MSCA Staff Exchanges (SE) submitted applications in the 2021 call year, 71 projects were selected for funding. The programme again showed a relatively high success rate with an overall budget of EUR 72 million. Most of the selected proposals are from the field of engineering and ICT (37%), followed by social sciences and humanities (14%), and environment and geosciences (13%).

The MSCA Staff Exchanges programme promotes intersectoral, international and interdisciplinary collaborations through the exchange of staff and knowledge, with a strong focus on collaboration with non-European third countries. The exchange of scientists at all career levels as well as administrative, technical and management staff is supported. New since the 2021 call is that intra-European secondments in the same sector can also be funded to a limited extent.

The next calls for MSCA COFUND and Staff Exchanges will open on 11 and 6 October 2022. KoWi offers advice on any issue regarding the application process and will provide you with feedback on your proposal if you forward it to us three weeks before the deadline for submission. KoWi will also offer online information events shortly after the call openings. More detailed information on this will be announced in due time via the newsletter.