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Management Plan 2022 for Research and Innovation published

01. Apr 2022

The European Commission's Directorate-General for Research & Innovation has recently published its Management Plan for 2022. The various activities and objectives as well as the expected output are aligned with the six strategic priorities 2019 - 2024.

The report consists of 37 pages and an annex tabulating the targeted outputs, performance indicators and quantitative and time targets. In addition to predictable activities such as the preparation and publication of the Horizon Europe Main Work Programme 2023-2024, the 'Missions' work programme or the launch of the EU-China Flagship Initiative on Climate Change and Biodiversity, some other 2022 objectives are planned such as:

  • Creation of a new research and innovation community platform as a one-stop shop for events and research and technology activities
  • Exploration of the feasibility of a mobile "My EU Project App" to facilitate grant and project management for beneficiaries, and others
  • Publication of a study on the European research data landscape and development of a Research & Innovation Data Strategy for Horizon Europe
  • Gap analysis and foresight studies in preparation of the Strategic Plan 2025-2027
  • Three horizontal ex-post Horizon 2020 studies and five impact evaluation studies
  • Establishment and phasing-in of a monitoring framework for Horizon Europe, in terms of reporting and monitoring of activities, use of funds and impact in the area of research and innovation
  • Monitoring of EU missions for the classification of projects that contribute to the mission

In the area of sound financial management, a number of measures are planned for Horizon Europe and for the ongoing management of Horizon 2020.  These include a consolidated control strategy for Horizon Europe, designed with the European Court of Auditors, which includes ex-ante and ex-post controls and fraud prevention.