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European Partnership 'Innovative Health Initiative': new guide for applicants and information on topic generation

19. Aug 2022

The European Partnership 'Innovative Health Initiative (IHI)' between the European Union and the European health industry has published a new guide for applicants on its website. This guide is intended to help applicants prepare and submit their proposal. It is based on the rules and conditions of the IHI JU Work Programme and the Horizon Europe Model Grant Agreement. This guide may be updated during the implementation of the IHI programme.

Furthermore, the IHI website now contains information on how the call topics of the partnership are generated and how members of the wider health and research community can provide suggestions for future calls. Applying the Horizon Europe principle of 'co-creation', IHI offers the opportunity to submit ideas for research and innovation topics that may be considered in future calls for proposals.

As another helpful service, the partnership provides an interactive search for funded projects on its website. With the help of filters or a map, projects can be identified that were selected for funding under the predecessor initiative 'Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI)'. Once IHI projects are up and running, they will also be presented here.