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Extension of the UK's Horizon Europe guarantee

23. Dec 2022

The United Kingdom (UK) government has extended its commitment to provide replacement funding for UK participants in Horizon Europe again. The "guarantee" now covers all calls in Horizon Europe with a submission deadline before or on March 31, 2023. 

The UK is not associated to Horizon Europe at this stage. UK institutions are therefore not eligible to receive funding from Horizon Europe. 

However, under a European Commission Transitional Arrangement, UK institutions and researchers can still submit applications for Horizon Europe funding. In the approval and evaluation process, the European Commission treats these applications as if the UK was already associated. Successful UK applicants whose projects are invited for grant preparation while the UK is not yet associated can apply for the UK's replacement funding. The UK will then reimburse the project costs budgeted for the UK institution for the entire lifetime of the project.

For approved projects involving the UK, UKRO has made the recording of a useful online seminar on the Grant Agreement Preparation process available, which you can view here.