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EU Commissioner Gabriel meets IGLO network

03. Mar 2023

On 28 February 2023, KoWi organised a meeting of the Informal Group of Brussels-based R&D Liaison Offices, IGLO, with EU Research and Innovation Commissioner Mariya Gabriel.

The Commissioner had invited the network to the European Commission’s Berlaymont building to present its activities and to explore future ways of working together.

The meeting included presentations on the IGLO network and its work as well as discussions on feedback regarding practical aspects of Horizon Europe, how to better support the work of European research managers and science communication. In the afternoon, KoWi hosted an exchange with DG RTD and IGLO on state of play and future plans for the European Research Area (ERA) Policy Agenda and its Actions. The focus here was in particular on the links between the ERA Actions and Horizon Europe.

This year, KoWi is Chair of the IGLO network. KoWi is a founding member of IGLO and the network celebrated its 30 year anniversary last year. The network collaborates on an entirely informal basis and has member offices from 26 countries. Members regularly exchange information on EU research and innovation developments with a particular focus on Horizon Europe. The network meets monthly and maintains several working groups on topics of joint interest, such as the implementation of Horizon Europe, the European Research Council and international cooperation.