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Call for battery research proposals

25. Jan 2019

In the framework of the current initiative "European Battery Alliance" an additional €100m have been made available for additional calls for research on batteries. On 24 January 2019, the European Commission has opened the first corresponding call. Project proposals can now be submitted electronically in a one-stage procedure (full proposals) with a deadline until 25 April 2019.

Proposals can be submitted for the followings topics:

  • Strongly improved, highly performant and safe all solid state batteriesfor electric vehicles (RIA)
  • Strengthening EU materials technologies for non-automotive batterystorage (RIA)
  • Modelling and simulation for Redox Flow Battery development
  • Advanced Redox Flow Batteries for stationary energy storage
  • Research and innovation for advanced Li-ion cells (generation 3b)
  • Li-ion Cell Materials & Transport Modelling
  • Network of Li-ion cell pilot lines

The Workprogramme 'Cross-cutting activities 2018 - 2020' relevant for this call also already contains the titles of three possible themes for the 2020 call:

  • Next-generation batteries for stationary energy storage
  • Hybridisation of battery systems for stationary energy storage
  • Next generation and realisation of battery packs for battery electric vehicles (BEV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV)

Submission of proposals is done via the "Funding & tenders portal" of the European Commission.