European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations

Researchers' Night (NIGHT)

The Researchers' Night is a set of Europe-wide events that take place yearly on a specific date illustrating the significance of science for society to the general public. Institutions applying for funding are supposed to present a project where science and scientists are brought closer to the main public in order to increase awareness about research and increase the recognition of researchers, while at the same time encouraging young people to take up a research career.

The events shall focus on the general public and shall be held in a relaxed and festive atmosphere. Researchers shall be actively involved in the activities offered and get into direct contact with the public.

All events funded within the Researchers' Night scheme traditionally take place every year on the last Friday in September.

Any legal entity located in an EU Member State or Associated Country may apply for the organisation of a Researchers' Night in their country. Collaborations at regional, national or international level are not required but may be constituted if relevant for the project.

Projects will normally receive funding for a period of 2 years and thus be expected to organise two Researchers' Nights in total. Funded activities include preparatory activities, an awareness campaign, the activities during the events as well as an impact assessment period after the event. In exceptional cases, projects of only 1 Researchers' Night may also be funded.

The Researchers' Night scheme is implemented via a Support Action (SA). The EU-contribution may cover 100% of the direct costs and 25% of the indirect costs. Preference will, however, be given to those projects where a financial contribution of local, regional or national public or private partners is available.

Applications for this scheme must be submitted to the European Commission via the Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal following a Call for Proposals.

Information in brief

Type of action: support action

Who is qualified: institutions of any kind located in EU Member States or Associated Countries

Activities: European Researchers' Night to promote the role of researchers in society

Duration: 2 years, 1 year in exceptional cases

What will be funded: up to 100% of the direct costs and 25% of the direct costs as overheads

Application: one-step online with specific deadlines