European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations

Research Infrastructures

Research Infrastructures play an important role for the knowledge triangle of research, education and innovation.

Under Horizon 2020 the pan-european opening of national and regional Research Infrastructures is equally important for pooling of resources and building synergies as the opening for these measures for researchers from industry (including SME).

Under Research Infrastructures the following will be funded: ESFRI projects, design studies, integrating activities, e‑infrastructures and supporting actions for innovation, human resources, policy development and international cooperation.

The differentiation between "Starting Communities" und "Advanced Communities" has been introduced for integrating actions (network activities, ensuring transnational access to joint research activities) of existing infrastructures.

Whereas "Starting Communities" will focus on network activities, standardisation and on establishing a joint access procedure, "Advanced Communities" are expected to concentrate more on innovation aspects and extending the transnational and virtual access.