European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations



The fourth Societal Challenge covers four thematic areas:

Resource Efficient Transport that Respects the Environment

This area focuses on development and application of new, more environment-friendly and more quiet vehicles that will contribute to a reduction of polluting emissions within the transport sector (such as CO2, NOX and SOX) and to a greater independency of the transport sector from fossil fuels.

The development of smart transport systems and equipment as well as the optimisation infrastructures shall contribute to improving urban mobility in particular.

Better Mobility, Less Congestion, More Safety and Security

To attain a seamless end efficient transport system across Europe, a new European transport management, information and payment system is needed for all mobility networks. Activities shall include reducing congestion by intermodal 'door-to-door' transport systems, improving transport of people and goods by intelligent transport systems and developing and implementing new solutions for transport and logistics of goods.

Global Leadership for the European Transport Industry

The objective is to maintain Europe's leading position in new technologies and to reducing the costs of existing production processes, hereby contributing to growth and highly qualified employment in European transport industry. This area focuses on developing the next generation of innovative transport means to secure market share in the future, smart on-board steering systems, advanced production processes and the assessment of new transport concepts.

Socio-economic and Behavioral Research and Forward-looking Activities for Policy Making

The main objectives of research within this area are reducing social inequalities in access to mobility and improving the position of vulnerable transport users. Economic issues such as possibilities of internalising external costs, taxation and procong models shall also be considered. 

More detailed information on the specific research areas can be found in the Specific Programme of Horizon 2020.