European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations

Smart, Green and Integrated Transport

European research on transport is assigned to the fourth Societal Challenge "Smart, Green and Integrated Transport".

Under Horizon 2020, research on transport shall contribute to the creation of a resource-efficient, environment-friendly, safe and seamless transport system that will be a benefit for citizens, economy and society.

In this process, the growing mobility needs to be reconciled with economic efficiency, an energy-efficient and low-carbon society and a climate resilient economy. A sunstainable moibility can only be achieved by profound changes within the transport system, supported by breakthroughs in transport research, far-reaching innovation and a coherent implementation of more environment-friendly, safer and smarter traffic solutions throughout Europe. The objectives of EU energy and climate protection policy shall be taken into account, and the competitivenesse of Europe's economy shall be enhanced.

Transport is an important factor for competitiveness and economic growth in Europe, guaranteeing an integrated European single market as well as the mobility of persons and goods essential to an open and inclusive society. 6.3% of the Union's GDP are represented by transport industry and transport equipment manufacturing, but European transport industry is facing an increased global competition. Moreover, the transport sector generates up to 25% of all emissions, thus being one of the principal generators of greenhouse gas. Therefore, transport's dependency on fossil fuels amounting to 96% needs to be reduced, and smart systems shall be developed to meet the problem of high traffic volumes. Further objectives and challenges are the reduction of road deaths and the situation of urban traffic.